Training with Delsite

Develop the speed and agility that applies to an athlete’s specific sport allowing each individual to reach his or her potential and to achieve maximum results.



1. Individual Training- One on one instruction. Sessions last 30-60 minutes.

2. Small Group- 3-6 athletes with similar ability levels and goals. 60 minute session.

3. Camps/Clinic- Week long camps (4-5 days) each day build from the previous sessions. Also,
six to eight sessions once per week over a six to eight week period. Approximately 10-15
athletes per session.

4. Team Training- Specific session with an entire team and coaches (ex. Travel Baseball Team)
1-3 hour session covering speed and agility, functional strength and sport performance or by
request any elements to increase performance. (Teams will be given a menu to choose from
and sessions will be custom designed to meet needs of the team.)

What you will accomplish with proper instruction:

Technique✔   Agility✔   Acceleration✔   Plyometrics✔   Flexibility✔