MVP Clubhouse is dedicated to enhancing the abilities and performances of the athletes that utilize our facility. We as a staff believe the fundamentals that 3 on 3 games provide for young and even experienced hoopers is being overlooked in the basketball community. 


Why play 3v3?

  • Develops a foundation for young players to learn the basics of basketball techniques such as pick and rolls, back door cuts, off-ball screening, post moves, and much more.
  • The games are very fast paced with a lot of scoring. This helps players get in the habit of finding their man right after a bucket and the value of good defense and vice versa.
  • All players are included and never left out due to the influx of players on the court, this makes good ball movement imperative and teaches the rewards of sharing the ball.
  • It’s flat out fun for the players and the fans!

Champions from August 10th:


5/6 Grade Champions- Berwick Dawgs

7/8 Grade Champions - 25th Hour

High School Champions - Hershey

CHAMPS from SEPT 7th:


7th/8th Grade Division:  Dream Chasers